Wear-resistant Rubber Lining

- Jan 23, 2018-

Wear-resistant Rubber Lining

Ball mill is currently widely used in the ceramic industry, a grinding machine, according to the different scale of production and conditions, corresponding to the different types of ball mill. However, the ceramic industry, the ball mill efficient, energy saving, noise reduction; lined with wear-resistant, light weight, long life, the ceramic industry has always been the pursuit of the goal. Research shows that the rubber-lined ball mill basically has the above advantages. 

2 rubber lined with rubber wear-resistant rubber lining selection, the thickness of about 50mm, thinner than the stone liner about 1/3 ~ 1/4. At the same time, the proportion of rubber is small, so the total weight of rubber lined stone lining only about 1/6. The advantages are as follows: the same type of ball mill internal effective working space increased by 10% to 20%; ball mill weight reduced to about 50% of the stone liner, the working power consumption is greatly reduced; work noise is greatly reduced to improve the grinding efficiency; Long life, easy to change. 

3 rubber lined ball mill grinding efficiency The rubber lined ball mill and stone lined ball mill effective working space compared to 1.5t ball mill, rubber lined ball mill effective working space is 4.16m3, lined ball mill effective work The space is 3.63m3, the former is 0.53m3 more effective space than the latter, more than 14.6%.


Flora Hu