Wear-resistant Surfacing Repair

- Jan 04, 2018-

Wear-resistant surfacing repair

Wear-resistant surfacing repair technology rose as a specialized discipline in the 1960s. Wear-resistant surfacing in the cement industry has also been widely used. The cement industry's production process can be simply summarized as "ore crushing grinding → sintering → clinker crushing grinding" process, crushing and grinding work in each process must be completed by the wear-resistant surfacing materials. The crushing process is an extremely important part of cement production. 椐 incomplete statistics, cement production in China in 2007 about 1.35 billion tons of cement, metal wear reached 100g / t. Annual wear-resistant surfacing wear-resistant materials in China's cement industry reached more than 100,000 t. 

The worn part of the average weight of the original only about 5% to 20%. Replacing the replaced parts with new ones will not only cause huge economic losses to the enterprises, increase procurement costs and increase the economic burden on enterprises, but also frequent replacement of parts will seriously affect and restrict the normal production of cement enterprises .

Wear-resistant surfacing repair.png