What Is The Difference Between Wear-resisting Composite Board And Wear-resisting Board

- Jul 07, 2017-

Wear-resistant composite plate is double metal laminated wear-resisting steel plate, it is designed for large-area wear-resistant plate products, is in the ordinary steel plate or heat-resisting steel plate, the surfacing on the plate to form a volume fraction of 50% cr7c3 carbide-oriented alloy wear-resistant layer. Wear-resisting steel plate has high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, can be deformed and can be welded and other properties, such as steel plate can be directly crimped deformation, cutting and drilling processes, processing into engineering components to meet the wear and tear industrial input.

Wear-resistant plate generally refers to the wear-resistant steel plate, but now many other areas also appeared in different materials wear-resistant plate, but the use of relatively low.