What Is The Wear Resistant Ceramic

- Aug 23, 2017-

what is the wear resistant ceramic?

Wear-resistant ceramic is AL2O3 as the main raw material, with rare metal oxide as the flux, the high temperature calcined from the rare corundum ceramic, and then with special rubber and high strength organic / inorganic adhesive combination The product.

1. Hardness

Wear resistant alumina ceramic Rockwell hardness HRA80-90, hardness second only to the diamond, far more than wear-resistant steel and stainless steel wear resistance

Wear-resistant ceramics

2. Excellent wear resistance

The wear resistance is equivalent to 266 times the manganese steel, high chromium cast iron 171.5 times. In the same conditions, at least extend the service life of more than ten times.

3. Light weight

Its density is 3.6-3.9g / cm3, only half of the steel, can greatly reduce the equipment load.

4. Adhesive fast, good heat resistance

Wear-resistant ceramic tile is best to use high-strength ceramic structure adhesive paste, to ensure that the ceramic at high temperatures for long-term operation does not fall off.