Zibo Wear-resistant Ceramic Development Of The New Benchmark

- Oct 11, 2017-

Looking at the development of the national alumina ceramic industry, especially in the past decade, it can be said to the rapid development, whether it is the name of the enterprise is still the value of business or even touch, which is important reason is fishing in the real estate industry development, as such development Will continue for several years, which also have the development of the real estate industry. Can be said that the country's ceramic industry is directly linked to the real estate, because now our ceramic industry is an important commodity tiles, sanitary ware and other home products are closely related to home, you can go under the top ten ceramic industry in China, Which is not the main product with the real estate is closely related to it. Asked the ceramic business, under the guise of one day the real estate development collapse, the goods did not market, or the market more burst, there is no thought how to survive it. Some people will think that this may be almost impossible, because China's real estate will only be more forward development, things are always the development of any material will have a limit, and if now have the ability to trade-off, to prepare, it is not more than Is it more positive to embrace the Buddha's feet?

What kind of wind direction to the development of it?

Although the ceramic industry is a traditional industry, but also a very very wide industry, from ancient to the current regardless of which dynasty of human beings can not be separated from the ceramic, then to the contemporary, all kinds of colored materials are out, metal, plastic , Pine resin and so on, but the development of ceramic materials, but the development is relatively limited, of which the reason is relatively fragile ceramic, easy to break, and the other is more compassing, more clumsy, there is the production process can not get too Many changes.

But if we jump out of China's world, will develop its fact, the development of foreign ceramic industry is actually very, very high skill level.

Not just ceramic materials, ceramic products, enough to be a high-tech goods. For example: wear-resistant ceramic in the high-performance composite zirconium produced by the production of goods not only light weight, solid wear, the scope of use is very wide. There are submarine on the use of the anechoic tiles, Yu-flight aircraft on the insulation tile are related to the ceramic ... ... wear-resistant ceramic market prospects, according to the relevant aspects of the national wear-resistant ceramic market to 2015 annual output value will reach 45 billion yuan The And this has a different ceramic name accumulation of Foshan can be allocated to a few pieces of cake it