Abrasion Bimetal Carbide Overlay Plate

Abrasion Bimetal Carbide Overlay Plate

Abrasion bimetal carbide overlay plate widely used in minings,power plants and cement plants.Any more details,welcome to contact us
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Product Details

Abrasion bimetal carbide overlay plate

Product Name

Abrasion bimetal carbide overlay plate



Annual Output

90000 m2

Base Metal

Q235/Q345 or other medium or low carbon steel or stainless steel

Surfacing Overlay

High chromium high carbide

Chemical Composition

C(%): 3.0-5.0 ,Cr(%): 25-40

Metallographic Structure

The carbide (Cr7C3) volume fraction on the microstructure is above 50%



Wear Resistance

Our test shows that the wear resistance of WODON plate is 20 times higher than low carbon steel and 8 times than heat treated steel

Impact Resistance

QS wear plates can withstand medium impact

Flatness Tolerance

Flatness tolerance is ±3mm/m

Thickness Tolerance

Uniform overlay thickness, tolerance within 0-0.5mm

Main Thickness

Base metal + overlay

3+3, 4+4, 5+5

6+4, 6+5, 6+6, 6+8

8+4, 8+5, 8+6, 8+7, 8+8

10+4, 10+5, 10+6, 10+7, 10+8, 10+9, 10+10, 10+20

12+4, 12+5, 12+6, 12+7, 12+8, 12+10, 12+11, 12+12, 12+18, 12+20

14+6, 14+8, 14+10

16+6, 16+8, 16+10

18+6, 18+8, 18+10

20+5, 20+6, 20+8, 20+10, 30+10, 40+10, 20+20, 20+25

Customized thickness is acceptable


Width:Max 2400mm

Length:Max 4000mm

Customized size is acceptable

Place Of Origin

Qingdao, China


Steel Pallet or Fumigation wooden case

Delivery Time

1-10 days after order confirmed

Payment Term


Port Of Loading

Any ports of China

Other Wear Resistant Plate

1. Impact Resistant Wear Plates

---Independent R&D, with high wear and high impact resistance

2. Heat Resistant Wear Plates

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3. No Crack Wear Plates

---Hardness HRC: 50-55, mainly used in housing liner of steel mill, domestic unique product

4. Special Chemical Elements Wear Plates

---Customized, Chemical elements: Mo, Nb, Ni, W, V, etc.

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