Abrasion Resistance Ovelay Plate

Abrasion Resistance Ovelay Plate

The bimetallic (meaning two types of metals) product starts with standard steel base plate that is then fused or overlaid with chromium carbide. chromium carbide metallurgically bonds to the steel’s surface to form a protective and durable surface that will not separate from the base metal. Chromium carbide overlay steel plate is extremely hard, resistant to both wear and impact, and withstands high temperatures
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Product Details

Description of abrasion resistance ovelay plate

wear resistant carbon steel plates are an ultra-hard, impact and abrasion resistant CHROME CARBIDE composite alloy formed by metallurgically bonding granular chromium carbide powder to low carbide steel(Q235/Q345). The result is the ultimate wear resistant properties available for the heaviest abrasion/impact applications. It is superior to other chromium carbide wear resistant steel plates

on the market.  

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Advantage of abrasion resistance ovelay plate

Can be cut, formed and welded 

Cost effective 

Stress relieved

Extended service life 

Superior abrasion/impact resistant

Good weldability to mild steel base

Weld overlay can be applied to two sides for added strength and durability

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