Alumina Ceramic Mats

Alumina Ceramic Mats

This alumina ceramic tile is directly affixed on the inner wall of equipment by our high-temperature-resistance inorganic bond. This alumina ceramic tile is applicable for the air and wind power-feeding, and can be used in a temperature of 350 in long time without aging and peeling.
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Alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheet is a material conveying equipment for petroleum, mining, steel, power plant and other industries or a wear-resistant material for liquid flowing through the surface of the pipeline. The main function is to effectively resist the impact of the material on the pipe wall, chemical The corrosive action of the material and the thermal shock generated by the material reduce the wear on the equipment components, thereby greatly reducing the cost of frequent maintenance and prolonging the service life of the equipment. It is the first choice for industrial wear, impact and corrosion resistant materials.

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Application of wear-resistant ceramics in the coal mining industry:

Suitable for anti-wear of various mining equipment, such as coal mines, copper mines, tungsten mines, molybdenum mines, iron ore and other mining plants, as well as washing plants. Such as hopper, chute, silo, magnetic separator, slurry pump, roller rubber, bucket turbine disc, heavy medium cyclone and so on.

Coal handling system: chute, hopper, silo;

Coal washing system: pressure cyclone, pressureless three-product heavy medium cyclone, pressureless four-product heavy medium cyclone, concentration cyclone group;

Feeding system: pipes, elbows, hoppers, silos, distribution ports, etc.

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