Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Wear Resistant Tiles

Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Wear Resistant Tiles

Alumina ceramic is a ceramic material mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3). Alumina ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. Alumina ceramics is a versatile ceramic. Because of its superior performance, it has been widely used in modern society, satisfying the needs of daily use and special performance.Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Wear Resistant Tiles is directly affixed on the inner wall of equipment by our high-temperature-resistance inorganic bond.
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Product Description

Alumina ceramic mosaic wear resistant tiles is mainly used in a variety of equipment to transport a variety of high hardness, high wear particle materials, including electricity, heat, steel, coal, cement, mining, smelting, petroleum, building materials, chemicals, fans, paper, machinery, powder In the body engineering, grain machinery, tobacco and other industries, such as coal, conveying systems, milling systems, ash discharge, dust removal systems and other mechanical equipment. Depending on how it is combined with the metal substrate, alumina ceramic mosaic wear resistant tiles can be used on the inner surface of stationary components, such as pipes, elbows, separators, chutes, valves, various housings, etc. It can also be used on high-speed rotating equipment, such as various fans. Rotor, impeller, drum, etc.

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Common specifications:

100*100*20mm , 150*100*25mm , 150*100*15mm ,

150*100*13mm , 150*50*25mm   , 100*75*25mm

(We accept customized according to your request.)

Main performance indicators:

92 Series

Alumina content (AI2O3):  ≥92%

Mohs hardness: 9

Rockwell hardness:  ≥82HRA

Water absorption: ≤0.2% 

Bulk density:  ≥3.62g/cm3

Compressive strength:  ≥840MPa

Bending strength:  ≥300MPa

Thermal conductivity:  20w/m.k

Wear degree:  ≤0.0 2% 

95 Series

Alumina content (AI2O3):  ≥95%

Mohs hardness: 9

Rockwell hardness:  ≥85HRA

Water absorption: ≤0.2% 

Bulk density:  ≥3.65g/cm3

Compressive strength:  ≥850MPa

Bending strength:  ≥320MPa

Thermal conductivity:  20w/m.k

Wear degree:  ≤0.0 2% 


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