Alumina Ceramic Rubber Composite Pulley

Alumina Ceramic Rubber Composite Pulley

Vulcanize the wear-resistant ceramics with dimple on the surface onto the special rubber according to some curtain layout by an advanced hot vulcanization process to get a special wear-resistant composite material, which is then instead of the traditional rubber pasted onto the surface of the pulley to form the ceramic pulley lagging,which means low maintenance and less downtime.
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Features of alumina-ceramic-rubber-composite-pulley:

1.Synthetic rubber

2.Electrostatic prevention

3.Flame resistant

4.Exceptionally high abrasion resistance and modulus

5.Exceptional grip

6.Exceptional wear resistance

7.Will not prematurely harden

8.Bonding layer

9.Press cured using high temperature and pressure

Acceptable size



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