Various Sizes Alumina Ceramic Rubber Lining

Various Sizes Alumina Ceramic Rubber Lining

Alumina ceramic rubber lining last longer, requiring less change-outs, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of your equipment.
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Product Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Type:Ceramic Plates

Application:Industrial Ceramic

Material:Alumina Ceramic

Model Number:As Customer's Requirements

Brand Name:QISHUAI

Product name:Alumina ceramic rubber lining

Size:Size Customized

Feature:High Wear-resistance

Density:3.63/ 3.68 G/cm3

Raw material:Alumina ceramic rubber


Breaking tenacity:3.65-3.75

Water Absorption:≤0.01

Bending strength::255/275

CONTENTBulk densityMoh's hardnessrate of water absorption
92% and 95%3.63g/m³(92%al2o3)

Rubber material data:

Tensile strengthRubber elongationshore hardnessbreak permanent deformation
bending strength(M pa)Fracture toughness(M pa)Rockwell hardness(HRA)
255(92% al2o3)
275 (95% al2o3)
3.65(92% al2o3)
3.75 (95% al2o3)

rubber proportionMain composition
1.2Natural rubber
Peer strength between rubber and ceramic/steel and ceramic6MPa
Bonding strength between rubber and ceramic4MPa

ZiBo QiShuai Alumina ceramic rubber lining can be supplied as standard pads, or cut panels to meet customer drawings and specifications, or can be custom engineered to ensure maximum suitability for your specific application. Ceramic Wear Panels can also be supplied with steel backing for mechanical fastening onto equipment for quicker and easier replacement. Qishuai Composite Ceramic Wear Liners last longer, requiring less change-outs, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of your equipment.


1) Outstanding wear-resistant performance: the working face of ceramic-rubber compound lining plate is high alumina ceramics, the hardness of which is second to diamond, so it has excellent wear-resistance.

2) Optimum impact resistance: Compared with ordinary ceramic tiles, the Ceramic-rubber plate under the special process treatment changes the ceramic mechanism of easy breakage. With the characteristic of shock absorption of natural rubber, the impact-resistant performance of ceramic will be highly improved which is more than 10 times of ordinary ceramic tiles.

3) Effective noise reduction: excellent damping of natural rubber absorbs a great deal of vibration energy during shocking, and the flexible molecular chain within the natural rubber will be beneficial for damping, which greatly reduces the noise in transportation. Laboratory test indicates the value of noise reduction up to over 30dB. 

4) Adjustable specification: the thickness of rubber and ceramic, the shape of ceramic-rubber plate can be adjusted accordingly to fit for the various conveying equipments.  

5)Also corrosion resistant,easy installation,reduce maintenance cost,long life resulting in reduced down time,good flowability with increased lifetime.