Alumina Ceramic Wear Resistant Brick

Alumina Ceramic Wear Resistant Brick

Alumina ceramic plate is a 92% alumina ceramic made by AL2O3 as the main raw material, dry pressing, rare metal oxide as flux, and baking at 1700 ℃. It is an ideal wear-resistant material with good abrasion resistance, high hardness and high temperature resistance.
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Product Description:

Wear-resistant ceramic plate: Commonly used are flat plate and hole plate, others also include impact-resistant plate, pipe plate and custom plate.

Size of alumina ceramic brick:

1、Falt plate:

Length: 50-150mm

Width: 25-100mm

Thickness: 6-50mm

2、Hole plate:

Length: 50-150mm

Width: 30-100mm

Thickness: 8-50mm

Selection of plate and well plate:

No sticking, not high resistance to impact, it is recommended to use a flat panel;

The requirements for contamination are not high, but in the environment of high impact force, it is recommended to use orifice plates.

氧化铝陶瓷板     ceramic plate with hole

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