Alumina Ceramic Wear-resistant Liner

Alumina Ceramic Wear-resistant Liner

Alumina ceramic lining can be used in the material transportation process of equipment such as chute, hopper, pipeline, etc. It is a wear-resistant material that resists wear and impact.
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Product Description:

Our alumina content is 92% and the shape can be divided into square mosaic and hexagon mosaic.

The square mosaic has no gap in the middle, and the hexagonal mosaic has a gap of about 1mm.

ceramic mosaic plate

Our alumina ceramic mosaic pads are widely used in abrasion-resistant materials such as coal conveying, conveying systems, pulverizing systems, ash discharge, dust removal systems and other wear-resistant machinery and equipment.

Qishuai supplies wear resistant Alumina ceramic tiles & linings; these products have been proven to drastically reduce wear in conveying, processing, and storage equipment. 

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