Alumina Tiles

Alumina Tiles

This mosaic wear-resistant alumina ceramic tiles is mainly used in a variety of equipment to transport a variety of high hardness, high wear particle materials, including electricity, heat, steel, coal, cement, mining, smelting, petroleum, building materials, chemicals, fans, paper, machinery, powder In the body engineering, grain machinery, tobacco and other industries, such as coal, conveying systems, milling systems, ash discharge, dust removal systems and other mechanical equipment. Depending on how it is combined with the metal substrate, alumina ceramic mosaic tiles can be used on the inner surface of stationary components, such as pipes, elbows, separators, chutes, valves, various housings, etc. It can also be used on high-speed rotating equipment, such as various fans. Rotor, impeller, drum, etc.
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Mosaic Wear-resistance Alumina Tiles

Mosaic is just second of diamond in hardness, much higher than wear-resistance steel and stainless steel in wear resistance performance. Paste on inner wall of equipment by heat- resistance super adhesive, it can work under 350℃ for a long time without aging. It can highly reduce facility working load as density is only half of steel. It can be used in industries like thermal power, steel, metallurgy, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, ports when doing coal transporting , powder processing system, dust removal, etc. all kinds of wearing equipments.


                  Form A:  Square                                                                      Form B: Hexagon


We can produce products according to customers’specification.               

       Specification (mm)                       Length                    Width                Height            
       Square Lining Brick      10~25                  10~25               4~20
       Hexagon Lining Brick      12.5~20      12.5~20      3~10


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3.Nearly 10 years experience in wear resistant field.

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