Alumina Wear Ceramic Tiles

Alumina Wear Ceramic Tiles

Examples of applications for Alumina Wear Ceramic Tiles are heavy-duty forming tools, substrates and resistor cores in the electronics industry, tiles for wear protection and ballistics, thread guides in textile engineering, seal and regulator discs for water taps and valves, heat-sinks for lighting systems, protection tubes in thermal processes or catalyst carriers for the chemicals industry.
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  • Place of Origin: Zibo,Shandong, China

  • Type: Ceramic Plates

  • Application: Industrial Ceramic

  • Material: Alumina Ceramic

  • Brand Name: Qishuai

  • Certificates: SGS, ISO,CE

  • Service: Professional

Alumina Wear Ceramic Tiles:

1. Various sizes in stock!!!

2. Best delivery time

3. Competitive price

4. Professional process 

5.High quality with QC attached each parcel

Alumina Wear Ceramic Tiles

Company Application:

Since Qishuai establishment, relying on the long-term support and cooperation of professional technical experts and talents and well-known OEM factories in the industry, we mainly serve the mining, cement, metallurgy, power, port and construction industries.

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Sherly Shang


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