Bimetal Composite Wear-resistant Steel Plate

Bimetal Composite Wear-resistant Steel Plate

Bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate mnaufactured by Shandong Qishuai and widely used in cement plants,steel plants and minings.
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Description of the Bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate

Bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate by the low-carbon steel and alloy wear-resistant layer of two parts, wear-resistant layer generally accounts for the total thickness of 1 / 3-1 / 2. Work by the matrix to provide resistance to external forces of strength, ductility and plastic and other comprehensive performance, provided by the wear-resistant layer to meet the specified conditions of wear-resistant properties.

Wear-resistant steel alloy wear-resistant layer and the substrate is metallurgical bond. Through special equipment, the use of automatic welding process, the high hardness self-protection alloy wire evenly welded to the substrate. Composite layers from one layer to two layers and even layers, the composite process due to different alloy shrinkage ratio, uniform transverse cracks appear, which is a notable feature of wear-resistant steel.

Wear-resistant layer mainly chromium alloy, but also added manganese, molybdenum, niobium, nickel and other alloy components, carbide distribution in the fibrous structure, fiber orientation perpendicular to the surface. Carbide microhardness can reach more than HV1700-2000, the surface hardness can reach HRc58-62. Alloy carbide has high stability at high temperature to maintain a high hardness, but also has good oxidation resistance, completely normal within 500 ℃.