Bimetal Hardfacing Plate

Bimetal Hardfacing Plate

bimetal hardfacing plate(Wear Resistant Bimetal Plate,Wear Resistant Bimetal Carbide Plate,wear resistant chromium carbide overlay plate,Bimetal Wear Steel Plate)were used in cement plants,mining units and some steel plants.All kinds of thickness and sizes are customised accordign to customers requests.
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Product Details

Description of the bimetal hardfacing plate

Chromium carbide wear-resisting liners are composite wear-resistant laminates that use arcs to bond up to 40-60% of the chromium carbide alloy to a suitable steel substrate. The material of the overlay welding layer is uniform and the appearance is regular. The carbides in the wear-resistant layer are distributed in the form of fibrous fibers, and are perpendicular to the surface. The surface hardness can reach above HRC63. The carbide with high chromium carbide content is wear-resistant. Composite panels are suitable for use in extremely abrasive environments. Composite steel plate also has the dual properties of high-hard materials and ductile materials. Compared with other engineering anti-wear materials such as various alloy steel plates, cast wear plates, cast stones, rubber, polyurethane, etc., composite steel plates have irreplaceable comprehensive superiority. performance.

Application of the bimetal hardfacing plate

Iron and steel industrysubject to hopper lining, chute chute, fan blade wear liner, dust elbow pipe, hammer lining board, four-roller skin, single-roll crushing spindle, rake plate welding repair, slag chute, Cloth discs, vibrating feeder liners, vibrating screen liners, minerals
Power IndustryFan blades, burner lines, feed chutes and hopper linings, crusher parts, pulverizer parts, ash pipes, air handling systems and transport aircraft.

Cement industry

Surfacing welding of vertical grinding roller and grinding disc, impact disc, pipeline, pump casing, mill liner, crusher parts, slag tap, various chassis, vibrating screen liner.
Paper industrycyclone lining, screw conveyors, feed chutes and hoppers, fan blades, transition ducts, transition elbows.

Mining industry

truck hopper lining, hopper lining, feed chute lining, crusher parts, cover plate, wear bar wear plate.

Coal processing industry

feed trough, hopper, crusher parts and liners, coal pipelines, elbows, and pump bodies.

Technical details of the bimetal hardfacing plate

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