Bimetal Wear-resistant Composite Plate

Bimetal Wear-resistant Composite Plate

Bimetal wear-resistant composite plate produced from Shandong Qishuai.QS accept products customised.QS have professional technology team,we hope we can become your best choice.
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Bimetal wear-resistant composite plate

Bimetal wear-resistant composite plate, is a new type of high wear-resistant composite materials, which is the use of automated metal arc surfacing a new process method to form a hypereutectic chromium alloy wear-resistant layer on the plate. Advantages of making liner tank liner by bimetal wear-resisting composite liner:

Bimetallic wear-resistant composite liner is particularly suitable for surface strengthening with direct friction with sediment, ore, dust, cinder and other parts. In addition, bimetallic wear-resistant composite liner also has good high temperature performance below 700 ℃ with high hardness and oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of abrasive wear conditions. Wear-resistant layer of bimetallic wear-resistant composite liner surface smooth, wear-resistant layer in the surfacing process through the formation of small uniform cracks release stress, to maintain the entire plate surface formation, limiting the stress concentration, the crack is confined to the hard layer , The process will not be very good toughness bimetallic wear-resistant composite liner expansion.