Bimetal Wear Steel Plate

Bimetal Wear Steel Plate

bimetal wear steel plate(wera resistant chromium carbide plate),5+3mm,6+4mm,8+4mm,8+5mm,8+6mm,8+8mm,10+4mm,10+6mm,10+8mm,10+10mm,all kinds of thickness of the bimetal wear steel plates are customised. Pls,if need any more details.
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Features of the bimetal wear steel plate

Bimetal wear steel plate can be cut, leveling, punching, bending and curling, it can be made of flat, arc, cone, cylinder. Cut the composite board can be welded into a variety of engineering structures or components. Composite board can also be heated with a touch of the mold into a complex shape. Bimetal wear steel plate can be fixed with bolts or welding equipment, easy replacement and maintenance.

Bimetal wear steel plate although the manufacturing costs increase, but several times the service life, making maintenance costs and downtime greatly reduced, the price performance than ordinary materials about 2 to 4 times higher. Material handling capacity, the more serious wear and tear of equipment factories and mines, the use of Bimetal wear steel plate more obvious economic effect.






                                    HRC 52-62

Wear deposite 3mm: HRC 52-58, 4mm: HRC 56-60

Wear deposite 5mm: HRC 58-62,  6mm: HRC 58-62

Wear deposite 8mm: HRC 58-62, 10mm: HRC 60-62

Wear deposite 12mm: HRC 60-63

HRC of 1st layer :52-58; HRC of 2nd layer: 58-62;

HRC of Pure weld deposite: 62

Surface Treatment

Hardfacing clading coated.


Hardfacing , Advanced automatic self-shilded open arc welding



  Chemical Composition

Take 12mm wear deposite for example:

C :  4.3-4.8%    Cr : 23-30%    Mn : 0.8-1.1%   Mo: 0.08-0.18  

Ni:0.08-0.15, Other Metal elements : Micro

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