Bimetallic Wear-resistant Alloy Steel Plate

Bimetallic Wear-resistant Alloy Steel Plate

Chromium carbide overlay bimetal wear resistant alloy steel plate from zibo QS are used to make a wide range of products; conveyors, chutes and linings, and aggregates are some of the uses for this material.
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Bimetallic Wear-resistant Alloy Steel Plate from zibo QS are two-layer metal materials composed of two different metals - steel andBimetallic Wear-resistant Alloy Steel Plates are firmly interconnected, it  is a unified integral bimetal layer with different functions, they are called - the base layer and the sediment layer. The base layer bears mechanical loads and the deposited layer has high wear resistance and protection. The bimetal SWIP (hard panel, composite panel, cover panel) is a panel which can be based on ordinary low csarbon steel or heat resistant steel. A special wear-resistant coating is applied to the substrate with the aid of the robot powder coating.
Bimetallic Wear-resistant Alloy Steel Platesfrom zibo QS are used to make a wide range of products; conveyors, chutes and linings, and aggregates are some of the uses for this material. Usually, the steel sheet is produced in a rolled state. Use of hardeners such as carbon and manganese in the composition of AR steel sheets.



  • With high hardness and toughness of the material properties of the material, can withstand moderate impact and vibration, to prevent falling off.

  • With the other as compared to that of alloy steel, cast wear-resistant plate, ceramics, cast stone, rubber, polyurethane

  • with good wear resistance, high toughness, any processing.
    Easy installation, cutting, welding, punching, bending.

  • Used in different occasions, the wear resistance is 15 - 10 times of common wear resistant material.

  • High temperature resistance, can be used in 550 degrees, does not affect the wear resistance.

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Thewear resistant alloy steel plates are widely used in the mining milling,smelting,port , cement ,steel ,chemical , coal fired thermal power plant  .


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