Ceramic Lined Rubber Lining

Ceramic Lined Rubber Lining

ceramic lined rubber lining is made by alumina ceramic,rubber and steel vulcanization.Different application different thickness and sizes.All kinds of sizes are customised.It is widely used in mining units.
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Ceramic lined rubber lining 

Ceramic lined rubber lining is a kind of material based on alumina (AL2O3), supplemented with other ingredients, sintered at high temperature of 1700 °C, widely used in thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement , such as coal handling, conveying systems, milling systems, ash discharge, dust removal systems, etc., which are used in ports and docks, etc., can choose different types of products according to different needs.

Lining rubber ceramic plate

ceramic rubber lining

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Composite rubber ceramic lining

wear resistant lining

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