Ceramic Rubber Composite Liner Chute

Ceramic Rubber Composite Liner Chute

Ceramic rubber composite liner chutes are made of extremely hard ceramics that provide unsurpassed resistance to abrasive wear while the rubber effectively dampens the impact forces that can crack the ceramics.
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We are manufacturer of ceramic rubber liner, We produce various kinds of rubber ceramic linings to meet different applications, custom size and structure are available.

We will be your reliable partner and supplier.
1. Over 20 years experience in wear products and conveyor accessories.
2. Over 10 years experience in exporting, UK, France, Chile, Canada, USA, Finland, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.
3. SGS audited supplier.
4. ISO9001:2015 certified factory.
5. Strict QC/QA makes sure high quality and consistency.


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