Ceramic Rubber Composite Plate

Ceramic Rubber Composite Plate

Ceramic rubber composite plate For Hopper / Chute / Bins combined with advantages of alumina ceramics and rubber, are beneficial to decrease downtime, maintenance cost and extend the service life of the equipment.
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Ceramic rubber composite plate

Ceramic rubber composite board is divided into two and three in one and two. Two of which refers to the ceramic rubber composite board, a two-tier structure, mainly for easy installation and parts with a circular arc shape, such as circular cone funnel, belt conveyor drive roller, etc. A ceramic rubber composite panel connection using a dedicated rubber adhesive, with high-strength adhesive bonded to the equipment in the steel plate to form a strong, buffered wear-resistant layer. Three-in-one refers to the ceramic-rubber-steel composite board, which is a three-layer structure. The three-in-one composite board comes with bolts for easy installation and is mainly used for the protection of blanking points of square chutes, Terminal transportation equipment, mining equipment and other transit.