Ceramic Rubber Lining Plate

Ceramic Rubber Lining Plate

ceramic rubber lining plate made it by naturual rubber and high alumina ceramic vulcanization.It is widely used in minings and some wear resistant industry fields. Any more details about our products,welcome to visit us!
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Product Details

Ceramic plate application range:

1. Roller lagging under extreme working conditions

2. The belt joint is not suitable for fixing the iron buckle;

3. It is suitable for the driving roller or the reversing roller which is often slippery on the belt conveyor, and the surface is not covered with rubber;

4. Transport all kinds of wet, sticky, muddy and highly abrasive materials;

5. High-strength, high-tension conveying system;

Roller ceramic encapsulation advantages:

1. The high wear resistance of the surface ceramics is applied to the belt driven drum, the special structure of the ceramic and the special arrangement, and the special rubber structure, so that the friction coefficient between the belt and the belt is increased to prevent the belt from slipping.

2. Under the same load, the tension of the belt can be reduced and the life of the belt can be extended.

3. The wear resistance of the ceramic makes the service life of the drive roller more than ten times that of the original roller.

4. It is suitable for extreme wear and tear, high slip, and extremely harsh conditions such as wet materials or surrounding environment.


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