Ceramic Rubber Lining Plates

Ceramic Rubber Lining Plates

ceramic rubber lining plates are very popular in minings,it can protect all kinds of equipemnts and prolong their useful life.Shandong Qishuai is located in ceramic origianl.so it is very advantages in price and quality. welcome to contact us!
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Description of the ceramic rubber lining plates

Wear-resistant ceramic rubber lining plates is QS latest development for mixing machine unique working environment produced by the wear-resistant impact of alumina linings, ceramic rubber composite liner is alumina as the main raw material, by 1700 ℃ high temperature fired corundum ceramics, Rockwell hardness HRA90 hardness second only to diamond, far more than other wear-resistant materials, Not bonded materials, more wear-resistant, more environmentally friendly, longer service life, more convenient installation, can greatly improve the abrasive effect of grinding machine, improve production efficiency, can be in the material particles large, big drop, impact relatively large occasions use.

Leading sizes of ceramic rubber lining plates as below:







Ceramic rubber lining plates

1. The use of Malaysian pure natural rubber, refused to regenerate plastic.

2. The use of Zibo high-quality wear-resistant ceramics

3, large-scale production equipment, advanced technology, complete specifications.

4. The professional technical design team provides free one-stop solution

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