Ceramic Rubber Lining Wear Plates

Ceramic Rubber Lining Wear Plates

The rubber composite ceramic liner plate have two forms of rubber+ceramic and metal+rubber+ceramic. It is a special ceramic pieces, embedded by vulcanization in the special rubber, composition a square wear-resistant rubber liner, and then by welding or paste fixed to the inner shell of the equipment on the steel plate, to form a strong and buffer anti-wear layer.
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Product Details

Product Description:

It's a combination of high alumina ceramic vulcanized into rubber mat for a wear resistant surface, then bonded with a back steel plate. It contains the high wear resistance of alumina ceramic meanwhile withstands the high impact by the rubber mat and back steel plate. It's a very effective solution for application in high wear and impact, such as chutes, hoppers, silos on mines, power plants, cement plants, steel works and other heavy industry for bulk materials handling. 

General dimension and specification of Impact resistant alumina liner / ceramic rubber compound lining plate: 

Specification ( L×W×T)Thickness Details 
300×300×12mm6mm ceramic + 6mm rubber
250×250×15mm10mm ceramic +5mm rubber
250×300×16mm12mm ceramic +4mm rubber
500×500×15mm10mm ceramic + 5mm rubber
500×400×20mm12mm ceramic + 8mm rubber
500×500×30mm20mm ceramic + 10mm rubber

Note:  Please Contact us for more specification and sizes. 

General dimension and specification of Impact resistant alumina liner / ceramic rubber compound lining plate:  

SizesLength/WidthCeramic ThicknessRubber ThicknessSteel Thickness




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