Ceramic Rubber Wear Composite Plate

Ceramic Rubber Wear Composite Plate

The ceramic rubber wear composite plate produced by Qi Shuai is a small-diameter ceramic sheet embedded in special rubber to form a square ceramic rubber lining. During installation, a high-strength organic adhesive is used to adhere the lining to the inner shell of the device, pipe or device. Forms a cushioned and strong wear layer.
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Qi Shuai brand ceramic rubber wear composite plate adopts advanced thermal vulcanization technology to vulcanize natural rubber and toughened wear-resistant ceramic to form a rubber ceramic two-in-one wear-resistant lining board, and use high-strength organic glue to bond it To the inner wall of the device, equipment or pipeline.

High alumina ceramic deliver extra abrasion resistance and extend wear life.

The ceramic rubber wear composite plate  also assists in reducing noise levels within the plant and is engineered to resist the impact in each individual application.

ceramic rubber wear composite plate

Steel&Rubber Backed Ceramic Sheets standard sizes available:                              

 Length/Width     Ceramic   Rubber       
500×500×15mm500/500mm 5mm    
250×250×15mm  250/250mm 5mm 
300×300×15mm300/300mm 5mm   

The ceramic rubber wear composite plate  has high wear resistance and good impact performance. It can be cut, bent, welded, etc. It can be connected to other structures by welding, plug welding, bolt connection, etc., which saves time during the maintenance site process , Convenient and other characteristics, widely used in metallurgy, building materials,cement, coal, power, glass, mining,  bricks and tiles and other industries, compared with other materials, Xingtai composite wear-resistant plate price, has a high cost performance, has been increasingly The more industries and manufacturers are favored.

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