Ceramic Rubber Wear Plates

Ceramic Rubber Wear Plates

Ceramic rubber-backed plate used in applications like chutes, hoppers, pipes, conveyor belts, and production systems where there are moving object sliding across surfaces. As the object slides over the material it slowly abrades away the component until there is nothing left, in high wear environments this can happen frequently and cause a multitude of expensive problems. By using an incredibly hard material like Alumina ceramic to acts as a sacrificial lining, the main structure is preserved and the Alumina is able to withstand the abrasion for much longer periods of time before needing to be replaced.
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Product Description:

The alumina ceramic has excellent wear resistance, and the elasticity of the rubber effectively suppresses the impact force that may cause the ceramic to rupture. Rubber also helps to significantly reduce the vibrations, sounds and shocks that strike the rock. 

1.metal + rubber + ceramic.  

This way is a rubber and steel back ceramic plate composed of rubber, alumina ceramic plates and steel plates, which are fixed to the abrasive surface of the equipment by bolts welded to the steel plates.

wear resistant rubber lining

In the mining sector, wear liner manufacture has many applications:

• Existing rubber-lined pipes

• Sand washing plants

• Hoppers

• Chutes

• Cyclones

• Separators and trommels

• Steel backed wear plates

• Rubber-coated conveyor belts



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