Ceramic Tile Liners

Ceramic Tile Liners

Ceramic tile liners(wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles,China alumina tiles,ceramic pipe lining,wear resistant AL2O3 brick,cheap ceramic wear tiles)manufacture from QS China.92% alumina and 95 alumina and others wear resistant products (include wear resistant alumina tiles,alumina ceramic mat,wear resistant alumina ceramic bricks,rubber linings,rubber ceramic liner,wear resistant pipe bend and etc)are manufacturing.
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                                        ceramic tile liners

Description of the ceramic tile liners(cheap alumina ceramic tile)

ceramic tiles liners(pipe Lining Tile) content of high purity alumina ceramics is 99. More than 9% of the ceramic material, due to the sintering temperature up to 1650-1990 ℃, the transmission wavelength of 1 ~ 6 microns, usually made from molten glass to replace platinum crucible; Ceramic tile liners are used as the sodium lamp tube with its transmittance and alkali resistance. In the electronics industry, Ceramic tile liners can be used as integrated circuit board and high frequency insulation material.

Ceramic tile liners(cheap wear resistant ceramic tiles) are divided into 99 porcelain, 95 porcelain, 90 porcelain and 85 porcelain in accordance with Al2O3 content. Sometimes the content of Al2O3 of ceramic tile liners are in 80% or 75% of the ceramic series. Among them, 99 alumina ceramic materials are used to make high temperature crucible, furnace tube and special wear-resisting material such as ceramic bearing, ceramic seal and water valve, etc. Ceramic tile liners are mainly used as corrosion resistant and wear-resisting parts; In China, due to the constant incorporation of the sliding stone, the electrical performance and mechanical strength can be improved with metal sealing, such as molybdenum, niobium and tantalum, and some used as vacuum devices. 

Technicals of the ceramic tile liners(China wear resistant AL2O3 brick)

Wear-resistance Alumina Ceramic Lining                                Performance

Item   IndexUnitSteatite ceramic95 Al2O3 96 Al2O3 
Physical Characteristics Bulk density       g/cm32.73.23.6
Water absorption     %000
Mechanical Characteristics  Flexural strength  Mpa145320340
Hardness Vickers   Gpa5.712.213.5
Poisson’s ratio-
Thermal CharacteristicsThermal conductivityw/(m.k)2.51624
Electrical CharacteristicsDielectric constant(1MHZ) -6.299.4

Process of the ceramic tile liners

alumina ceramic.png

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