Cheap Wear Resistant Welded Plate

Cheap Wear Resistant Welded Plate

cheap-wear-resistant-welded-plate from Shandong Qishuai.All kinds of sizes and shapes are provided according to customers requests. chromium carbide plate,wear resistant alloy steel plate.wear resistant welded plate,wear resistant chromium carbide tube,wear resistant tube
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Wear-resistant composite board in the application of the steel mill feeding tank lining and hopper hopper liner, cyclone dust collector, a bit stabilizer, screw feeder, fan blade wear bushing, coke guide plate, a bell and a base, kneading machine bucket liner, circular feeder, grille railings, skip plate, the pusher floor, dial the feeder gate, ball mill lining of bucket. The application of wear-resistant composite board in the cement industry is mainly used in the blade, impact plate, pipe, pump case, mill lining, crusher parts, slag chute, various chassis, vibrating screen, etc. The application of wear resistant composite board in metallurgical industry Mainly used in sintering and ironmaking, bin liners, skip, pipes, and the case base, hopper, weighing hopper, pipe, pump casing, crusher parts, slag tank, fan shell, fan blades, sieve plate, etc. Wear resistant composite board application in electric power industry ash tube, bin, fan blades, burner piping, transporting and hopper lining, crusher parts, import and export of coal mill parts, air handling systems and conveyor and so on wear resistant steel plate composite board in the application of the mining industry Mainly used for washing and coal mining and mineral transportation, truck plate, the plate of silo, scraper conveyor floor, transporting tank lining plate, coal preparation plant, vibrating screen plate etc. Other industries are applied engineering machinery, glass industry, channel dredging, brickwork machinery, coking industry, agricultural machinery, port wharf and so on.

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