Chrome Carbide Abrasion Wear Plate

Chrome Carbide Abrasion Wear Plate

Chrome carbide abrasion wear plate produced by Qi Shuai Wear Resistant Equipment Co., Ltd. is suitable for all kinds of silo hopper liners, ball mill screed plates, vertical mill discs, etc.
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Product Details

Product name: Chrome carbide abrasion wear plate

Composite wear resistant steel plate

Hardfacing wear resistant steel plate

Bimetal wear resistant steel plate

Material: Q235B/A3+ high chrome carbide hardfacing lay.

Dimensions: 1400× 3400mm, 1450× 3400mm, 1400x3000mm;1450 × 3000mm can be customized according to customer requirement

Thickness: 8-40mm.

Common specifications: 5+3 ,6+4,6+6,8+6,8+8, 10+8 ,10+10, etc.

HRC 58-62.

chrome carbide abrasion wear plate

Chrome carbide abrasion wear plate’s character

1.Extend equipment life and improve production efficiency

2. Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance time;

3.Reduce the labor intensity of the maintenance department;

4.Reduce overall operating costs.

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