Chrome Carbide Hardfacing Plates

Chrome Carbide Hardfacing Plates

Chrome carbide hardfacing plates widely used in minings,cement,steels and others industries.3+3,6+4,6+6,8+5,8+6......are very popular in these fields.
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Product Details

Specifications of the Chrome carbide hardfacing plates

(thickness of substrate plate + thickness of build-up layer): 8+6, special requirements can be customized, thickness error of surfacing layer: +0.5/-0.5mm.

Industry application

Metallurgical industry: blast furnace fan-shaped inlet plate, slag wear plate, sintering machine high-temperature mineral chute, hot scissors blade.

Coal industry: out-of-focus slides, chutes, high-temperature and high-pressure valves.

Cement industry: Tower-type shaft kiln tower top, horizontal kiln cooling machine lifting plate, cooler barrel and so on.

Electric power industry: coal mill export coal pipelines, air pre-gas outlets and smoke, wind pipes, coarse and fine powder separators, inner vertebral bodies, shells around the wall and the outlet pipe.

Technical details of the Chrome carbide hardfacing plates

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