Chromium Carbide Bimetal Plates

Chromium Carbide Bimetal Plates

chromium carbide bimetal plates widely used in minings,cement,steel and power.3+3,5+3,6+4,6+6,8+5,8+6 are very popular in some industries.Any sizes and thickness are customised.
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Description of the Chromium carbide bimetal plates 

There are many factors that affect the performance of surfacing composite wear liners:

Chrome plays a major role in the corrosion resistance of the surfacing composite wear-resistant liner

Chromium is the main element that determines the corrosion resistance of the wear-resistant composite wear-resistant lining, because chromium in the steel can make the surfacing composite wear-resisting lining plate passivate in the oxidizing medium, ie it forms a thin layer on the surface. The membrane is enriched with chromium in this membrane. The higher the chromium content in the steel, the stronger the corrosion resistance.

chromium carbide bimetal plates

Only when combined with chromium can it be fully demonstrated. When nickel and chromium are used in combination, the heat treatment can increase the strength, so that it has stronger stainless corrosion resistance and good deformation performance.

 Technical details of the chromium carbide bimetal plate

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Chromium carbide bimetal plates works

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