Chromium Carbide Cladding Plate

Chromium Carbide Cladding Plate

chromium carbide cladding plate from Shandong Qishuai with high chromium and very excellent hardness.Shandong Qishuai is a manufacture focus on wear resistant chromium carbide products and wear resistant ceramic products.Qs served so many mining companies,power plants and cement plants in Australia,Russia,Pakistan,America...
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Features of the chromium carbide cladding plate

(1) with low carbon steel; 20 ~ 25:

(2) with high manganese steel; 5 ~ 10:

(3) and tool steel; 5 ~ 10:

(4) with high chromium cast iron; 1.5 ~ 2.5:

Good impact resistance of the chromium carbide cladding plate : low - carbon steel or low alloy. Ductile materials such as stainless steel, which reflect the superiority of bimetal, wear resistance wear resistance wear and wear medium, substrate bearing media load, therefore have good impact resistance. It can withstand the shock and wear of high drop hopper in the material conveying system.