Chromium Carbide Cladding Plates

Chromium Carbide Cladding Plates

chromium carbide cladding plate(wear resistantbimetallic plate,composite bimetal plate,wear resistant composite plate,bimetal hardfacing plate)are made up by base plate(Q235A)and welding layer(chromium carbide).With excellent hardness and wear resistance.
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Chromium carbide cladding plate

Chromium carbide cladding plates are widely used in industries. Almost all industrial enterprises need wear-resistant bimetallic plates. Wear-resistant CrC plates can be used in places where cement, glass, electricity, steel, and chemical companies are seriously worn. The cement industry is currently mainly used for rolls. Press under the silo, V-type separator machine body, cyclone cylinder, vertical mill guide vane, windshield ring, selection of powder machine rotor, fan impeller, conveying pipeline, etc.; glass industry material inventory, silo, mixer Arc-type lining, spiral propeller blades, etc.; power coal, coal mining hopper, falling coal pipe, stacker and reclaimer hopper.

wear resistant bimetal hardfacing plate standard sizes

wear resistant bimetal plate technical specifications

wear resistant overlay carbide plate (2)

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