Chromium Carbide Overlay

Chromium Carbide Overlay

Chromium carbide overlay plates used in so many industries.Wear resistant steel plate finished by auto machine,so all plates are easy to cut and weld.So they are widely used in everywhere.Because of its good wear resistant and good price,they have accepted by some areas.
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                                                               chromium carbide overlay

Charactures of the chromium carbide overlay plate

Qishuai composite wear-resistant steel plate/wear resistant chromium carbide overlay plate can be used for the surface reinforcement of various kinds of vulnerable parts in steel metallurgy, building material machinery, electric power machinery, mining machinery, cement industry, fan industry, etc.

: (1) the cement industry, powder concentrator's blade mixer blade, what smooth operation platform, the mill liner, inlet cone, transporting pipe, the sieve plate, bin, chute, the repair of cement vertical mill, etc.

(2) fan industry: fan impeller, cyclone separator, fan blade, back plate liner, fan machine mouth, easy wear parts, etc.

(3) the iron and steel metallurgy, material chute, bunker lining board, slippery slope, mesh screen, drum wind bell jar, skip, boiler drum boiler wind reinforced steel, sinter feed tube, pipe, distribution board, slag trough, exhaust fan, high burden of tank lining board, coke dry quenching tank lining board, coke pusher plate skateboard floor, block coke car lining board floor, sintering machine of single roll crusher, scraper, water beam and wall repair production, etc.

(4) coal industry: the cone wear-resisting lining of the wheel bucket excavator, the middle slot of the scraper, the feeding trough, the hopper, the coal mine lifting skip, the pipe of the coal washing plant, the chute.

(5) power machinery: fan impeller, coal ash pipe, silo, feeding trough, coal conveying parts, hopper lining, medium speed grinding coal mill, burner nozzles, etc.

(6) other industries: solar glass, mining machinery, construction machinery, coal machinery, fan manufacturing, wear-resisting brick, sand bin liners in the coal industry of mining, scraper conveyor plate, screen plate, etc.

(7) directly provide the user with the surfacing plate, and the user can make the material by himself, and complete the site construction projects, such as warehouse, chute, bucket, dump equipment, etc.

(8) according to the size of the wear area of the user parts, provide the guide for the maintenance of the spot welding, reduce the on-site welding workload, such as the shovel bucket of work machinery and dredger bucket of dredger.