Chromium Carbide Plate

Chromium Carbide Plate

Qishaui( is one of the biggest manufacture focus on wear resistant chromium carbide plate with very cheap price and high good quality.
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chromium carbide plate

Shandong Qishaui Wear Resistant Euipment Co.,Ltd is a one of leader of the chromium carbide plate(wear resistant cco plate) since 2010 with very rich experience.Wear Resistant Plate,cheap wear abrasion plate,wear resistant cladding plate are provided and different market have their different products.So QS plates are suitable for all market.Qishaui is a hardfacing wear resistant plate suppliers in China.And QS is one of the biggest wear resistant chromium carbide overlay plate manufacturers all over the world.

Details of the chromium carbide plate

The wear-resistant steel plate produced by our company contains a certain amount of carbonized chromium, which is the most important hard phase in the wear-resisting steel plate. It has the following characteristics:

Chromium carbide (Cr3C2) have lower melting point 1710 ℃, the density of 6.68 g cm - 3, thermal expansion coefficient of 10.3 * 10-6 K - 1 (20 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃), 19.1 W, m - 1, the thermal conductivity K - 1. Main feature is the hardness of chromium carbide at room temperature and heat is very high hardness, good wettability and C0, Ni and other metal, the highest antioxidant capacity in the type metal carbides, in 1100 ℃ ~ 1400 ℃ in air to severe oxidation, good corrosion resistance superior. It is an excellent combination of high temperature oxidation, friction wear and gas erosion resistant materials. It is mainly applied to high temperature coating, but direct coating of carbonized chromium coating is not strong adhesion. Therefore, it is mainly used for the preparation of the main components of Ni cr-cr3c2 composite powder.

Leading sizes:1500*3000,200*2880,500*500,1250*3000 etc

Leading thickness:5+3,6+4,8+5,10+10,20+12,20+20 etc

5+3,6+4,8+5 chromium carbide plates are usually used in some cement industries.10+10,12+12,20+12,20+20,these chromium carbide plates are usually used in mining companies.

brand:QS plate

base materials of the chromium carbide plate:Q235

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