Chromium Carbide Plates

Chromium Carbide Plates

QS is a manufacture focus on Chromium carbide plates in north China and we are so lucky served so many mining companioes,steel companies,power plants and cement plants all over the world.
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Description of the Chromium carbide plates

1, in general, composite wear-resistant steel substrate for low carbon steel or low carbon low alloy steel, thickness: 6-40mm; surfacing layer thickness: 4mm. Users can choose according to their own use or according to their own needs to make special requirements.

2, the user to buy standard composite wear-resistant steel plate can be used as required after the following simple processing:

1) cut

According to the shape and size requirements, the plasma arc cutting method can be used to cut the composite wear-resistant steel plate into the desired shape and size.

2) Bending

The composite wear-resistant steel plate can be bent into a curved shape or made into a cone or a barrel part by means of a press or a spheronizer.

3) Welding

Composite wear-resistant steel substrate is a very good weldability of steel, the welding method can be used to splicing two laminated plates, but also can be welded to other steel laminate.

4) plug welding

Available plasma arc or arc gouging in the wear-resistant steel plate perforated, plug welding method connected with other steel structures.

5) Bolt fixing

In production, bolt holes can be reserved according to drawing requirements and connected with other workpieces through countersunk head bolts; alternatively, the bolts can be welded to the substrate of the wear resistant steel plate by flash welding or fusion welding and then with other workpieces Connected.