Chromium Carbide Wear Resistant Plates

Chromium Carbide Wear Resistant Plates

Chromium carbide wear-resistant plate is made by surfacing process. (Note: GB / T is the national standard (recommended standard)) Q235 / A3 (GB / T 709-2006) and other medium and low carbon steel substrates, one or more layers of hard chromium carbide hard particles Wear-resistant alloy, and adding some special elements (Mo molybdenum, Nb niobium, Ni nickel, W tungsten, V vanadium, etc.), so as to form a hard wear-resistant layer.
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Our company specializes in the production of wear-resistant composite steel plates with many specifications and models, which can be processed according to the drawings provided, and rolled / drilled / cut / welded to make various components. The chromium content is as high as 15-30%, the hardness of the wear layer is HRC55-62, the flatness is small, the tolerance is small, and the wear resistance is high. This product is exported to many countries and has been recognized by foreign customers. 



(1) Production process: open arc welding

(2) Hardness range: According to the thickness and application of the wear layer, the surface hardness of the wear-resistant alloy ranges from HRC55-62, and the micro hardness of chromium carbide is the highest HV1800 (Vickers hardness).

(3) Flatness and thickness tolerance: The flatness error is within ± 3mm / m, the thickness of the wear layer is uniform, and the thickness error is within ± 0.5mm.

(4) Regular thickness: 3 + 3/5 + 3/6 + 4/6 + 6/8 + 5/8 + 6/10 + 6/8 + 8/10 + 8/10 + 10/12 + 12mm

(5) Specifications: The overall plate size is generally ≤1500mm and length ≤3500mm. We can customize wear-resistant plates of different sizes, different specifications and thicknesses according to customer requirements, and can cut wear-resistant plates according to customer drawings. 

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