Composite Chromium Carbide Plate

Composite Chromium Carbide Plate

Composite Chromium Carbide Plate with very good wear resistant.Shandong QS is manufacture in this product in China.All kinds of sizes and thickness are provided with high quality and very nice price. More details,welcome to contact me.
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Product Details

Features of the Composite chromium carbide plate

(1) Directly use the composite board to cut, squash and weld into various types of wear-resistant conveying pipelines, such as powder air conveying system and blast furnace slag system. (2) According to the design requirements, the user is provided with wear-resistant spare parts made of composite plates, such as mill liners, mixer blades, fan blades, and the like. (3) Providing the composite steel plate directly to the user, and the user can cut the material by himself and finish the on-site construction project such as silo and chute. (4) According to the size of the wear area of the user's parts, prefabricated units are provided for on-site tailor welding maintenance to reduce on-site welding workload, such as buckets for dredgers and dredgers for construction machinery. (5) Using the wire-bonded submerged arc surfacing method to directly weld on large wear parts, which can greatly improve production efficiency, such as various types of large crushers, mill rolls, rolls, etc.

Technical details of the wear resistant chromium carbide plate

wear resistant carbide plate.png

HH-700B wear plate-1

Composite Chromium Carbide Plates with High abrasion and Moderate impact resistance,  tiny cracks on Overlayer. Unmachinable, the application temperatures should not exceed 350℃

Welding and cutting processes do not affect the wear properties of the wear resistant chromium carbide plate. Matching weld materials are also availablie for the protection of internal joints and seams.

Our plate can be cut and formed easily. Composite chromium carbide plate is used for armouring or double facing of components.