Composite Rubber Ceramic Plates

Composite Rubber Ceramic Plates

Composite rubber ceramic plates is vulcanized in the rubber by the advanced vulcanization process or the ceramic rubber is directly vulcanized on the steel plate. The steel plate has countersunk bolts, which increases the firmness between the liner and the equipment, and ensures the wear resistance and impact resistance.
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Composite rubber ceramic plates features:

1 Good impact resistance: ceramic and rubber composite, rubber buffering, can effectively absorb impact force, can be used in the case of large material particles, large drop, and large impact force.

2 Non-stick material: It is used in the environment where there is serious wear and cohesive coexistence. The ceramic surface is smooth, the resistance is small when the material passes, and the material is not bonded.

3 The design is scientific and easy to install. The lining and equipment are welded and bolted to make the form of reinforcement integrated with the equipment and never fall off. Moreover, it can be cut and decomposed, can be twisted and assembled, has corrosion resistance, superior chemical properties and good stability.

4 The lining plate is vulcanized as a whole, and the ceramic rubber steel plate will never be delaminated to ensure the service life of the product. This technology is at the domestic leading level.

Standard Size of Composite rubber ceramic plates:

Composite rubber ceramic plates (2).png

Standard Size of Composite rubber ceramic plates:

Used for moderate to heavy abrasion and impact applications.

Size ff Cylinder Ceramic:Φ20 x 20

Steel backing plate thickness: 6mm

Total thickness: 36mm

Available size: 250 x 250 x 36, 300x300x36

rubber chute liner.....png

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