Composite Wear-resistant Steel Plate

Composite Wear-resistant Steel Plate

Shandong Qishuai Wear Resistant Equipment Co.,Ltd is the manufacture focus on composite wear resistant steel plates.We have almost 10 years production experience in China and lucky served so many mining companies and cement companies in Australia,America,Brazil,Pakistan...
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Product Details

Description of the composite wear-resistant steel plate

Surfacing (composite wear-resistant steel plate) is a wear-resistant alloy layer with a certain thickness on the surface of low carbon steel, low alloy steel or heat-resistant stainless steel plate. The hardness of alloy layer is usually HRC55-65, wear resistance can reach low carbon steel more than 20 times. The alloy layer is strong with the base plate, good toughness and good impact resistance. If the heat resistant substrate is used for surfacing welding, it can be used for abrasion conditions of up to 800 degrees.

Technicals of the composite wear-resistant steel plate

1) Standard sheet size 1500x3000mm / 1200x2400mm / 1480x3050mm

 2) Thickness available: 4+4(8mm), 6+4(10mm), 6+6(12mm), 8+5(13mm), 8+6(14mm), 10+5(15mm), 10+9(19mm), 10+10(20mm), 12+12(24mm), 12+17(29mm), 20+10(30mm)

 3) Hardness: 58-62HRC and 62-65HRC