Hard Steel Plate

Hard Steel Plate

hard steel plate(wear resistant chromium carbide plates)mainly used in minings,steels,power plants and cement plants.With high quality and very nice wear resistant. More details about the hard steel plate,pls contact:florahu@zbqishaui.cn
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Description of the hard steel plate

Composite wear plates are widely used in heavy industry (such as cement, coal-fired power generation, steel, metallurgy, machinery and other industries), provide important protection measures for industrial equipment and wear parts, which greatly improve the use of equipment and workpieces Life expectancy, for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs made an important contribution.

Composite wear-resistant steel that bimetallic clad wear-resistant steel, is the use of bright arc self-protection automatic welding process, which is designed for large areas of wear and tear conditions of the use of sheet metal products, is in ordinary steel or heat-resistant steel, stainless steel Surfacing on the formation of the volume fraction of more than 50% Cr7C3 carbide wear-resistant alloy layer. Wear-resistant steel with high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformation and welding properties such as steel can be the same as the direct crimp deformation, cutting and drilling and other processing aspects, processed into engineering components to meet the wear and tear of mining put into use.

Compositions of the hard steel plate

Hard-facing layer main chemical composition of metal (Wt%)











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