Hardfacing Wear Resistant Steel Sheets

Hardfacing Wear Resistant Steel Sheets

(1)20- 25 times harder than low carbon steel  (2) 5-20 times harder than high manganese steel  (3) 5-10 times harder than tool steel  (4) 1.5-2.5 times harder than high-chromium steel
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Description of hardfacing wear resistant steel sheets

Preferable wearlessness: chromium carbide weld overlay wear plate surfacing layer thickness 3-12mm,the hardness can achieve HRC58-62, it achieves over 15-20x the wear life than ordinary steel plate, and over 5-10x the wear life than the low alloy steel plate, and over 2-5x the wear life than high-chromium iron. the wearlessness is much better than the Spray welding and the thermal spraying and other methods.

Product and service:double metal compound chromium carbide overlay plate,wearing pipeline,Chromium carbide welding self flux wire,industrial refurbshing of welding parts,wear-resisting product and the other agent product, meet the demand of customer wear- resisting fields;

Better impact performance: chromium carbide weld overlay wear plate  is double metal structure, there is metallurgical bonding between the wear lay and the base material. the bonding strength is high, it can absorb energy in the process of impact, the wear protection won’t fall off. can be applied to the strong vibration and impact work environment.It is better than casting wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials;

Superior heat resistance performance: chromium carbide weld overlay wear plate  has a strong stability at high temperature, it can be used below 500℃.and can be ordered to produce in other temperature.and can be used within 1200℃. Ceramics, polyurethane, polymer materials etc wear resistant material which adopt the paste way can’t meet the requirements of such a high temperature.


Cement PlantPower PlantPulp&Paper
1.Material Separators1.Chutes1.Deflector Plates
2.Buckets2.Scroll Liners2.Cyclones
3.Hoppers3.Classifier Cone3.Chain Guide Liners
4.Scroll Liners4.Ash Conveyor4.Conveyor Trough
5.Chain Guide Liners5.Chain Guide Liners5.Bark Shredder
6.Fan housing6.Fan housing6.Scroll Liners
7.Flat back Elbow7.Hopper Liners7.Fan Blades
8.Fan Hoods
Asphalt&ConsteuctionMiningSteel industry
1.Fan Blades1.Dragline Bucket Liners1.Hopper Liner
2.Screed Plate(Paving Machine)2.Truck Box Liner2.Chute liner
3.Deck Plate(Paving Machine)3.Hoppers3.Dust Collector
4.Buckets4.Chutes4.Scroll Liners
5.Mould Board Liner5.Shovel Liner5.Fan Blades
6.Discharge Chute
(Asphait Driver)
6.Crusher Wall Liner6.Guide Liners

7.Breaker Screens7.Fan Housing

8.Sizing Screens

9.Coal Chute Catch Liner

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