Hex Tile Rubber Mat

Hex Tile Rubber Mat

hex-tile-rubber-mat is embedding 92% al2o3 alumina ceramics into energy absorbing rubber or polyurethane cushion, and bond both to steel backing plate via hot vulcanizing for easy installation.
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Product Details

Description of the hex tile rubber mat

In industrial production, such as wear and erosion of local materials often lead to the failure of local parts and replacement, serious when cause equipment repaired or discarded, cause huge economic losses to the enterprise. Our company specializes in solving the wear problem to ensure the long-term safe operation of the equipment.

As a professional wear protection products manufacturer, we can promptly provide you with a scheme to solve the problem of wear and tear, according to the actual working condition, choosing the proper wear-resistant materials and connection mode, optimize the product design, stable high quality factory and field construction, the consummation post-sale service, help you to improve the operation efficiency and service life of the equipment.

Professional for coal-fired power generation, steel, cement, mining, ore dressing, washing coal and other industries to provide wear-resistant pipes, wear-resistant equipment and components of professional manufacturers, is the most powerful domestic wear-resisting pipe fittings production enterprise.

The company has the professional engineering technical personnel, can provide the anti-wear integration solution for the relevant industry. Company can provide wear-resistant elbow, wear-resisting pipe, ceramic tiles, dense medium flotation coal pipe, cement pulverized coal classifier lining, vertical mill cyclone cylinder liner, pipe fittings, such as cyclone burner nozzle, wear serious pipeline and into a ball machine, ball mill, the experimental furnace and other equipment parts.

hex tile rubber mat compositions

1) al2o3: 92% or 95% high alumina ceramic wear tiles.

2) Density: 3.6g/cm3

3) Compressive strength: above 2,000MPa

4) Water absorption: <0.01

5) Crushing strength: ≥520kN

6) Hardness: 9 (Mohs)

7) Size: 40mm-75mm

Packing: cartons