High Abrasion Ceramic Lining Plate

High Abrasion Ceramic Lining Plate

High abrasion ceramic lining plate is a kind of new wear resistant materials.It is widely used in some wear resistant fields.High Abrasion Alumina Ceramic Tile include 92% and 95% alumina are manufactured in China.
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Product Details

Description of the Abrasion ceramic lining plate

Alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheet is a new type of wear protection material, which is widely used in cement, thermal power plants, coal washing plants, steel mills and other very abrasive industries.

The insiders may all know that in these industries, the expenditure of anti-abrasion protection materials is a large proportion, and it is also a headache for everyone because the wear and tear on the conveying equipment such as pipelines, chutes, and hoppers in these industries is too fast. The good protection will seriously affect the progress of production and damage the efficiency of the enterprise. However, the commonly used wear-resistant materials can hardly maintain long-term safe operation for their own reasons. The appearance of alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheets solves this problem very well.

China High Abrasion Alumina Ceramic Tile

Main Technical Data  




Wear resistant alumina weldable tiles with metal bowl and ceramic cap

  Alumina content


  Bulk Density


  Rockwell Hardness (HRA)


  Compressive Strength


  Fracture Toughness


  Bending Strength


  Thermal Conductivity 20℃


  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


   Young's Modulus  20℃277GPa

   Shear Modulus   20℃


  Surface  Finish: As Fired





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2. Raw material from China, Australia and Germany , France

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