High Alumina Ceramic Lining Mosaic

High Alumina Ceramic Lining Mosaic

The wear-resistance alumina lining brick can be divided into rectangular brick, trapezoidal brick and irregular brick as shape. The product features with high hardness and density,low wear rate, good neat and anti-corrosion. It is widely used in ceramic, cement, paint, pigment, chemical, pharmaceutical, coating etc. industries, it can improve grinding efficiency effectively, reduce production costs and pollution.
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High Alumina Ceramic Lining Mosaic

description of high alumina ceramic lining mosaic

The high alumina ceramic lining mosaic are widely used in the power plant, coal washery , mining industry, chemistry industry and it is an ideal wear-resistant material for delivering the sand, mine, ash dregs and molten aluminium. We can produce the alumina lining plate with different sizes and shapes according to the customers’ enquirements.

Performance index92 series95 series
Moh's Hardness99
Rate of Water Absorption≤0.01≤0.01
Rochwell Hardness(HRA)≥85≥85
Fracture toughness(M pa)3.653.75
Dielectric Strength10*10-610*10-6

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Main Features

1) High wear-resistance
2) High density
3) Excellent corrosion resistance
4) No pollution to materials 
5) Improve productivity 

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