High Chrome Wear Plate

High Chrome Wear Plate

The high chromium wear-resistant surfacing plate has excellent anti-abrasive wear performance, and the wear-resistant layer and the substrate achieve good metallurgical bonding, and the joints are free of oxide inclusions, cracks, pores, etc.
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Product Details

Product Description:

The chrome carbide wear-resistant surfacing plate adopts a bimetal structure. The wear-resistant layer and the base material are metallurgically bonded. The base material is a Q235 steel plate. It can ensure the toughness and plasticity of the chrome carbide coating and can provide strength against external forces. . This alloy wear plate can choose substrates with different thicknesses, and can overlay alloy wear protection layers with different thicknesses.


Feature of wear resistant alloy plate:

High wear resistance

 12-20 times higher than common plate 

 5-10 times than low alloy steel plate 

 2-3 times than high chromium cast iron plate

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