High Impact Resistant Ceramic Lining Tiles

High Impact Resistant Ceramic Lining Tiles

The wear-resistant ceramics produced by our company are made of 92% AL2O3 as the main raw material, and alumina ceramics calcined at 1700 °C. The installation of this product can be adhered to the inner wall of the equipment or the parts that need to be wear-resistant with the adhesives supplied by the company.
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Description of high wear-resistant ceramic lining tiles

Wear-resistant ceramic lining is a kind of aluminum oxide (AL2O3) as the main material, supplemented with other ingredients, after high temperature sintering at 1600℃, are widely used in thermal power, steel, metallurgy, machinery, coal, mining, Cement, ports and other enterprises in the coal conveying, feeding system, milling system, dust, dust and other systems of wear and tear on all large machinery and equipment, according to different needs can choose different types of products.

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The materials we choose: Our wear-resistant ceramic linings are fired in tunnel kiln. The batch volume is large, the kiln temperature is stable, the ceramic linings are uniform in color, and the surface is neat and non-adhesive from the outside,without black spots (high quality raw material powder impurities)

Product forming process:

 formula - grinding - forming - sintering - grading - shipping

(We can customize according to customer's requirements or drawings.)


Used in steel mills, power silo silo lining.


 Professional and reliable factory you need

 Customised products according to clients requests.

 Nearly 10 years experience in wear resistant field.

 Rich experience in export, can save time for communication

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