High Impact Resistance Ceramic Liner Tiles

High Impact Resistance Ceramic Liner Tiles

We produce wear-resistant ceramics for many industries such as mining,steel,power,cement,port
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Product Details

description of high impact resistance ceramic liner tiles

We Adopted high purity alumina powder as materials to produce the high wear resistant alumina ceramic 


tiles. The fix method of these ceramic tiles is both bond and mechanical means. This design can solve


the abrasion problems of equipment running in bad working conditions. Such as high temperature,great impact 


or dynamic running. The alumina ceramic tiles of these series have many shapes and the structures


are complicated. In most cases, we will design the products according to the clients' requirements. 


Advantages of the High Impact Resistance Ceramic Liner Tiles :


1. Abrasion and impact resistant ability

2. High hardness

3. Smooth surface

4. Dimensional stability

5. Saved maintenance time and expenditures

6. Can be applied in all kinds of industrial abrasion

High impact resistance ceramic liner tiles.jpg


Applied industry:


The abrasion resistant ceramic lined bends are widely used in the cement ,

steel ,chemical ,mining milling,smelting,port ,coal fired thermal power plant ,


The alumina ceramic tile lined elbows or bends are a ideal wear resistance materialfor delivering the coal,sand,mine,slag ,ash ,dregs in Pneumatic ,hydraulic material handling and feeding system.